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Monday, 6 August 2012

recycle laundry detergent package

Normally You would throw it away , but wait!
Here are some great ideas for reuse !

How to do a water can or flower box

You need:
laundry detergent package
scissors or cutter
paint (if you want)

1. Clean your package
2. Cut the "head" off

3. paint it! 

thats it! pretty easy to do!

i also made me a flower box where i plated some parsley

If you have children , let them paint the packages.
It's fun!
But don't let them cut it. Safety first :)


  1. Great idea! Children would love to have a personalized watering can to play in the garden, wouldn't they?
    I recently reused plastic canister as well! I glued bias-tape onto the cutting area and used them as boxes for sewing stuff! (You can find pictures here - although my blog is written in german: )


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