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On this Blog I'll show some good Ideas to Reuse old Stuff or even Trash.
I'll give you Tutorials and Ideas for creative and also not so creative people.
Come on it!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I really LOVE Jack Johnson and also this song, even adult can learn much of it!
Okay I'll show you some Ideas of resuing "trash"

1.recycle laundry detergent package
So I'm not rich and i wanted to have a pretty green balkony.
it's pretty expensive to buy new flower boxes so i tried to find the cheapest way to get me a green balkony
When i made my laundry and the laudry detergent went empty i thought i could use it for plants.
So i cleaned it and cut it into this shape:

You can use really every cind of crib as a flower box!

2. jam (or whatever) jar
3. the back of old furniture (is there a name for it in english??)
4.Reuse a can

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

old video tape

We have so many old video tapes at home but no pottery for plants, so i opend it and removed the insides.
Then i filled some soil in it and planted chive in it :)

Monday, 13 August 2012

cat toy out of deodorant ball

My deodorant got empty an i thought i could make something out of it
 so i cutted the ball out and made a cat toy . 

how to:
you'll need a cutter to get the ball out of the deodorant

then i cut a hole in the ball and filled it with some rice.

last step is to put some feathers, or as i did, some wool (like you do it with easter eggs).
At least, if you want, you can paint it like a mouse ;)
i hope your cat will like it

and the rest of the deodorant can be used as little box for little things.
have fun being crafty :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

recycle laundry detergent package

Normally You would throw it away , but wait!
Here are some great ideas for reuse !

How to do a water can or flower box

You need:
laundry detergent package
scissors or cutter
paint (if you want)

1. Clean your package
2. Cut the "head" off

3. paint it! 

thats it! pretty easy to do!

i also made me a flower box where i plated some parsley

If you have children , let them paint the packages.
It's fun!
But don't let them cut it. Safety first :)